• Interior design - real estate, commercial, retail and residential.

  • Space planning

  • Concept of style and colours definition

  • Inspiration and style mood boards

  • Detailed technical drawings ( lighting, electrical, bespoke furniture,

  • ceiling features, floor finishes..etc)

  • 3D modelling and photo realistic visualisations

  • Sourcing furniture, fixtures and fittings.. etc 





The Brief

Firstly, we discuss your brief and what  you are trying to achieve.

The Space


We critically examine the dimensions and construction of the space to be designed in terms of what you would like it to achieve

Initial Design


We then design and work into the plans, preparing layouts and compiling inspiration and style boards which allows us to make each project individual and creative.

Detailed Design

The final stage of design- we produce detailed working drawings, 3D visuals and any technical drawings required.



Every client is different and no two project briefs are the same.

Our fees are tailored as such with clarity… nothing hidden.

Please contact us for more details.